Boosted Redux

Yesterday’s update was going to be my last on the subject, but . . .

Janice Macdonald
2 min readMay 11


Would I Be Lonely By Myself in a Foreign Country Where I Knew No-One?

This morning, still in bed and checking e-mails, I found one from Medium to say that one of my stories had been boosted. A few e-mails further and another e-mail about a second boosted story.

While I Was Back in the States, My Village Emptied its Collective Attic

I published the first story, Would I Be Lonely In A Foreign Country Where I Knew No-one? in Globetrotters on May 5 and it was boosted yesterday, May 10. The second one, While I Was Back in the States, My Village Emptied its Collective Attic, was published April 19 in The Daily Cuppa Grande and boosted today, May 11.

Both graphs show the uptick in views after the stories were boosted and I’m also seeing a surge in notifications — particularly for the April 19 story which had essentially gone where old Medium stories go to fade into oblivion.

So, a good way to start the day — infinitely preferable to working myself into a frenzy over the latest blatherings of an orange-faced convicted sexual predator. And thanks to the editors at Globetrotters and The Daily Cuppa Grande for their publications.

If you’ve read nothing about my boosted saga mystery, it started after I received my April payout summary from Medium and then notification about a second check — considerably larger than the first. This prompted a story and then an update, details above.

I’m guessing that I either missed, or never received previous notifications about boosted stories — I have no idea how far back Medium goes to find stories to boost — and considered any upticks in views just another manifestation of Medium’s ever-mysterious algorithms. So while the additional money for April still seems a bit of a mystery, I’m calling it a boost and hoping that May’s stories — clearly marked as boosted — will also reap a little financial reward.

And that, I promise, is my last word on the subject. Unless I get another mystery check.

Stay tuned . . .more stories, but not about boosting, to come.



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